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Doorstep Photosessions

Raising Money for the NHS

Hello lovely people!

This page is just to organise the photo-project for this weekend and maybe next one too,  Jun 28 and July 4-5.

The idea is Cristina and I will come to visit each of your houses and make a fun, casual mini session trying to leave you a nice memory of this time in isolation and at the same time raise money for the NHS,

The cooperation would be £ 20 

You will receive 3 profesional digital pictures per family in hight resolution and full edited, the files would be sent via email or to your WhatsApp, if you want any additional pictures I am happy to that (for an additional cost) 


What would include the mini session?

Could be as fun and creative as you want!

You can include pets, fun clothes, costumes, pyjamas, rainbows, being barefoot, we can use your kids' drawings to support NHS, balloons, and anything else you like!


I would like to thanks everyone for supporting this small project, I am so happy to be able to raise money with you help for the NHS heroes and I feel so honoured you can see my work.

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